Confidential Advisors

Do you have to deal with unwanted behavior within our association, or do you just need a listening ear? Then contact one of our confidential advisors. This can be done by sending an e-mail to or by texting or addressing one of our confidential advisors.

Below our confidential advisors introduce themselves to you:


Hi dear reader,
My name is Philine. I live in Nijmegen with my boyfriend, but I study music therapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden. I have a lot of love for my fellow human beings and I want everyone to feel good about themselves. Additionally, I love making music together; it's amazing what we can create together! Within the CMC, I have therefore become a confidant. If something is bothering you, you are more than welcome to approach me or send me a message. In fact, I really enjoy it.


Hey, my name is Simon. I am a third-year biology student at Radboud University and I play the cello with great pleasure in the CMC. Making music together is one of the most enjoyable things for me. I find CMC to be a very nice association because it brings students together to make music and enjoy each other's company. I believe it's important that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the association. I am here to help and listen, so feel free to contact me if something is bothering you or if you want to discuss anything!


Hi! I'm Tamar. I study Philosophy, Politics, and Society at Radboud University, and I play second violin in the CMC. I'm relatively new to the student orchestra, and I'm having a great time. I love helping others feel just as at home and safe here. I'm open to all conversations and would love to hear how you're doing. If something is bothering you, if you want to discuss something in detail, or if you just feel like chatting, you can always come to me!