Pim Cuijpers

Pim Cuijpers studied orchestral direction at the Amsterdam Conservatory, with the conductors Ed Spanjaard and Lucas Vis. During his studies, he already regularly served as an assistant to the conductors Ed Spanjaard, Ivan Meylemans, Bas Wiegers and Antony Hermus, among others, in companies such as the Orchestra of the East, the Gelders Orchestra, the Nieuw Ensemble, the Amsterdam Conservatory, the Dutch National Opera Academy (DNOA), the National Youth Orchestra (NJO) and the Netherlands Students Orchestra. (NSO).
Later, he was an assistant at the opera productions a little night music, at the Dutch Travelopera and Fantasio, Opera Zuid. In 2019, Pim made his debut with the Orchestra of the East in a series of youth performances.

Currently Pim is the permanent conductor of the Nijmegen student orchestra CMC and the symphony orchestra Musica Den Haag. In addition, he conducts various projects, ranging from ensembles to large symphonic repertoires. In the Spring of 2024 the 60th tour of the Dutch Students Chamber Orchestra (Nesko) was under his direction.

In collaboration with the singing department of the Amsterdam Conservatory, Pim directed a fully staged opera production of Puccini’s Suor Angelica.
In 2013, he formed his own orchestra with the Dutch Symphony Project (NeSP). This project orchestra, consisting mainly of conservatory students, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022, which was awarded with a major final project.
In addition to bringing regular concert programmes, Pim likes to connect with other forms of art around the concert stage. For example, in recent years there have been several collaborations with actors, dancers, fine artists and sand artist Gert van der Vijver.

Pim also worked with Gregor Horsch, Floris Mijnders, Jeannette van Schaik, Thomas Beijer, Ramon van Engelenhoven, Nikola Meeuwsen and Anna Fedorova.

In addition to conducting, Pim works for NPO Klassiek as a freelance music collector for NTR.

Photos: Rene Knoop, Veerle Bastiaanssen